Blog Post # 306 – Outrage of the Day

NOTE:  I keep forgetting to hit publish.  This was Saturday’s post.

They want you distracted.

They want you scared.

They want you angry.

Preferably, a righteous anger.

Local and national news stations make their money by getting you to tune in.

To hear the latest outrage.

Watch the latest scandal.

Get your blood boiling.

Now we even have stations devoted to one political worldview or another.

MSNBC is for liberals.

Fox News is for conservatives.

So much talk about “fake news,” but no one talks about how much drivel all of the news stations spew forth.

How much wasted energy.

Be scared of the Muslims.

Be angry at Trump or Hillary.

All Lives Matter!

What if we took away their power?

What if we stopped watching?

Maybe not forever.

But for 30 days. As an experiment.

What could we do with ourselves?

Read a book of substance.

Play with our children.

Listen to a podcast that makes us think about things.

Might we just be a wee bit happier?

Maybe, just maybe, the remote control isn’t controlling our television.

But instead the news of the day is controlling us, remotely.

Lots of things to unplug from in 2017.

But perhaps the outrage of the day is a good place to start.

Blog Post # 305 – Screw Fiction

What do you know is true?

verses …..

What do you think may be true?

Fact or fiction.

We tell ourselves many things that aren’t true.

I am fat.

I am a loser.

I suck.

Forget all of that.

Those are fictions.

Fictions that we tell ourselves so that we can play it safe.

Take no risks.

Stay the same.

Fact: you are amazing.

Fact: your body is as it is because of the food you put in your mouth and the amount of calories that you burn.

Fact: you can achieve anything that you want.

Screw fiction.

Stick with the facts.

So turn off the tapes.

And be you.

With everything that encompasses.

That’s the triple truth, Ruth.

Blog Post # 304 – Our Brave Face

My brave face.

Will I let you see the real me?

Behind my mask.

Will I let you in?

You think you know me.

It is only a part.

The happy face that I share online.

The one where everything is fine.

Everything is okay.

I allow you glimpses every now and then.

But my mask is functional.


A hard exterior designed to keep you out.

To hide my vulnerability.

What if we put down the mask?

Shared a lot more of ourselves.

It is certainly okay to hold some things back.

But what do we have to lose in revealing a bit more.

Expressing ourselves.

Revealing our art.

Speaking our truth.

For today, let us decide to be more honest.

More real.

More open.

And see where this takes us today.

Blog Post # 303 – Choose Your Legacy

Sometimes, life is hard.

Very hard.

We feel like everything is a chore.

Overrun by tedium.

Task after task after task.

Overwhelm is easy in 2017.

So what do we do?

Do we throw up our arms and give up?

Do we just keep doing the same thing over and over and over?

No reason to live like that.

We have a choice.

A choice each and every day.

We choose how to live our lives.

We choose what to focus on.

We choose to build or knock down.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Even if that is you telling yourself differently.

Life is too short.

You owe it to yourself to find your motivation.

To do what you want to do.

To live the life that you dream about.

Choose life.

Choose a life of meaning.

Choose your legacy.

Blog Post # 302 – The Truth Inside

We know the truth.

And we can get to it too.

We sit.


And let the right answer bubble to the surface.

It may take practice.

We may have to be completely still.

But when we are puzzled, befuddled and confused, we can pause.

We can wait.

For the answer to come from within.

No need to pay anyone.

To buy anything.

To search halfway across the globe.

Our truth rests inside us.

We just need to listen.

It will come if we wait long enough.

Your truth is your truth.

Latch on to it.

Own it.

And use it for strength when you feel shaky.

A guidepost for where you want to go.

A line in the sand.

Don’t let anyone take it from you.


And when you are ready.

Share it with us.

We need your light.

We wait for your voice.

Don’t hold back.

The world needs you.

Blog Post # 301 – A Legacy of Impact

What will be our legacy?

Our imprint on the world.

How do we wish to be remembered?

Some amazing people lead unbelievable lives and impact millions.

Lincoln. King. Ali. Winfrey. Mandela. Gandhi. Mother Teresa.

How about us?

Every day, we impact the people around us.

Our children. Our siblings. Our parents.

Our co-workers. The people we serve. Strangers that we encounter.

Is our impact a positive one or a depleting one?

Should our goal be to impact as many people as possible?

Or, rather, to impact the people around us as deeply as possible?

Perhaps both.

But impact is what we are after.

How can we affect real change or shift in perspective on those around us?

For today, let us look at our lives.

Realize that we are like the stone tossed gently into the lake.

Our actions and our words impact those around us like the circles emanating from where our stone landed in the lake.

We cause reactions and shift energy (both good and bad) to those around us.

How do we want our impact to occur this day?

Blog Post # 300 – Trust-i-ness

How do we help someone else to trust us?


To go from being a stranger to someone with whom we want to become friends or to do business.


It takes time certainly.


Time spent on a common endeavor or achieving a goal or enduring something unpleasant.


We have to be trustworthy as well.


To always tell the truth.


To be honest in our interactions with the other person.


To mean what we say and to do what we say that we will do.


Integrity and trustworthiness go hand in hand.


Trust is like a wall that you build brick by brick.


The longer the time spent together, the bigger the wall.


The deeper the connection and the more intense the communal experience, the stronger the wall.


Can we make someone trust us?


No, probably not.


But can we build our trust-i-ness muscle by living in integrity and fulfilling our promises?


Yes, probably yes.


For today, let us give more than we receive.


Fulfill all of our promises, both big and small.


And start strengthening those connections to those who are close to us.

Blog Post # 299 – Old Wounds

What should we do with old wounds?

When the boys were little, we bought a Sony video camera.

This was before cell phones had video capability.

We would video the boys playing, climbing and sometimes fighting.

Years later, when we would watch the videos that included the fighting, the (now older) boys would remember the fights and start fighting again right in front of the television.

How many of us are fighting old battles?

Remembering prior injustices?

Holding grudges for old wounds?

It is certainly permissible and understandable for people to refrain from forgiveness.

To avoid letting go.

To always remembering what someone did to wrong us.

But it’s a trap.

A trap that keeps us imprisoned in the past.

That prevents us from moving forward.

Keeps us confined to our own special, secret brand of misery.

Got to let that stuff go.

To acknowledge it, define it, speak it and then release it.

Just as we may hope that others would forgive us for the wrongs that we committed.

When we let go of past traumas and understand that they were part of our (difficult) journey to today, we open ourselves up to the beauty of today and the hope of tomorrow.

For today, please take a step towards freedom.

Please forgive yourself and others.

Please stop holding on so tightly.

And soar.

Blog Post # 298 – How Long?

How long?

How long are you going to stay in this job that you hate?

How long until you get off your butt and start exercising?

How long before you decide to make some real changes?

Human beings can tolerate a lot of discomfort and pain.

But why do that?

Why live like that?

When you don’t have to.

Each day gives us the option for change.

The option to grow.

To improve.

What if you came to believe that your discomfort and pain were of your own doing.

That you have choices.

Choices about how you spend your time.

Choices about how you view the world.

Choices about the people that you surround yourself with and the books that you read.

These choices frame your world view.

Help determine whether you believe you can improve or not.

Dictate how you respond to a crisis or turmoil.

Clear your mind.

Clear it.

And just sit in the moment, understanding that everything is a choice.

What are you going to choose today?

Blog Post # 297 – Shelter from the Storm


A house. A home.

An apartment.

Four walls and a roof.

When it snows, when it sleets, when it is frigid out.

We should stop and take a minute to be grateful for living in 2017.

For having protection from the elements.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards.

The Earth is a powerful, volatile place.

It is easy to forget how lucky we are.

For warmth.

For a place to sleep.

For safety.

For today, we have what we need.

We can stay safe and warm.

Those we love are protected from the elements in ways that our ancestors could never have envisioned.

So we give thanks.

And acknowledge the bounty of our lives.