Blog Post # 3 – A Vote for You

Politicians love to make promises.  If you vote for me, I will do X, Y and Z for you.  Quid pro quo.

When I was a kid, I thought this was unethical.  I thought that elected officials should be above the fray.  Once I learned how politics really worked, I tuned out.

I understand that politics are important and that I should pay attention.  I get it.

And I always vote.  I voted today.

But I don’t vote because I expect something in return.  Usually, I vote against the candidate that I dislike the least.  In 2008, I thought that I was voting for someone who was above politics, but it turned out he was human too.  And a politician.

Since then, I have turned off the talking heads on CNN, the debates, the rage (real and manufactured) and all the negativity.

Politicians are not going to fix this country and they sure as hell aren’t going to fix you and me.

I am running my own campaign.  A campaign to be the best person that I can be.  A campaign to touch the lives of the people around me in a meaningful way.

So I will continue to vote in primaries and general elections on the days appointed.

But on a much larger scale, I vote for me.  I vote for you.

I vote for spreading my own message.  I vote for myself as a leader.  I vote for making the change that I want to see in this world.

I also vote for you.  I vote for the referendum that frees you to be the best person that you can possibly be.  I vote for an amendment to your constitution that lets you make the changes that you want to make.  I vote for you as a leader, a mentor, a guide and a teacher.

A vote for you.  A vote for me.  The unstoppable ticket.


Blog Post # 2 – Numbing the Pain

Numbing the pain works, temporarily.  Whether we use food, or alcohol, or gambling, the binge numbs the pain for a bit.

Of course, we feel awful about ourselves after the binge, which can set off a vicious cycle of more numbing, more remorse, more numbing, more remorse.

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, they tell the story of a serial jaywalker – a man who repeatedly crosses the street where he isn’t supposed to.  At first, he just misses calamity by jumping out of the way of passing cars.  Later, he gets a little dinged up and then the collisions become more frequent and more serious. But the man just can’t stop with the jaywalking, even when his injuries become more serious.

This is what numbing does for/to us.  It befoggs our brain and keeps us from seeing the actual consequences of our behavior.  

Numbing does not have to be as serious as an actual addiction.  We may simply distract ourselves with television, texting, social media or any other mind-numbing activity.

Here’s to a day without numbing.  

We might not be able to go the rest of our life without compulsive drinking, eating, drugging or whatever our numbing agent may be, but what if we just skipped it for today?

Blog Post # 1 – Crossing the Crevasses

We are all afraid of something.  Some of us are afraid of a lot of things.  This fear can be logical or it might not make any sense at all.  We spend a lot of energy distracting ourselves from the fears that hound us.  We can obsess on work, drink too much, worry excessively or distract ourselves on the internet all day and night.

One person who regularly challenges us on our fears and on our inaction is Seth Godin.  I have been seeing and hearing Seth all over the place lately – on Tim Ferriss’s podcast, on Ask Gary Vee and just recently on the Ziglar podcast.  They are all worth a listen.

It is sort of interesting that he has been everywhere I look (and listen) because I don’t think he has a new book coming out.

If you aren’t familiar with Seth Godin, you should pick up a few of his books.  My favorites include Purple Cow, Tribes and Linchpin.  Tribes taught me that you can’t lead a group if you aren’t willing to step on some toes and stand for something.  In Linchpin, Seth wrote about making yourself indispensable.

I can honestly say that I don’t know that I ever would have ventured out and opened my own law firm if I had not read Tribes.  It was that impactful on me.

In each of his recent interviews, Seth told the host that he thinks that we should all be blogging and that we should blog every day.  He talked about making our writing and thoughts public as a way to get over the fear and to cross the crevasses that prevent us from doing our best work.  It builds in accountability and makes us take a stand on the things that are important to us.

This blog – – is my attempt to follow Seth’s advice.  

I am publicly stating my willingness to write every day for one year.  Then we will re-examine the effort.  I have tried blogging before but have not really followed through very well.  This public statement is one way that I am trying to overcome that lack of completing a goal.

I have a lot to say and I hope you come along for the ride.  If you want to follow me on this journey, please consider subscribing to my emails in the box above.  Thanks.

One day, I will meet Seth Godin.  And I will tell him this story.  Then I will blog about it.

By the way, I bought five copies of Seth’s most recent book – What to Do When It’s Your Turn – and I will be happy to send a copy to the first person who signs up for email notices for this blog.  The book is fantastic – both visually and from a content perspective.  Maybe its your turn, too.