Blog # 377 – Can’t Be Beat


An ability to overcome.

To take defeat in stride, yet able to work harder.

Perseverance on steroids.

Tougher than the rest.

We soldier through.

As Clubber Lang said in Rocky IIII – “I can’t be beat, I won’t be beat.”

There are thousands of cliches and motivational quotes on remaining steadfast during tough times.

But cliches and quotes only get us so far.

It has to be internal, inside us.

An engine stoked by passion and determination.

A muscle that is exercised regularly.

An unwillingness to fail.

We need you at your best.

Focused and determined.

So that you can help us see the world differently, do things better or enjoy life in a new way.

Don’t quit.

Battle on.

We will see you on the other side.

You are a winner.