Blog Post # 376 – No Surrender

Music in my head.

If I listen to music during the day, the tunes usually bounce around in my head when i lay down at night.

By the time that I wake up, they are a full chorus.

Thank God for music and for the musicians who provide us with their art.

Mastering an instrument takes tremendous dedication.

Getting together with other musicians to form a band takes teamwork, more dedication and steadfast commitment to their craft.

Music is always around us, especially at important times in our lives.

At weddings.

Around the pool.

At birthday parties.

On our recent trip to Florida, I listened to the audio version of Born to Run, the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen.

Read by the Boss himself.

(He was a great companion to have on the trip. As I would listen to Springsteen explain what went into a particular album, I paused the book and went and listened to that album. Really cool!)

The book explains in incredible detail what it took for Bruce to become a master.

The hours and hours of practice.

Live show after live show.

The years of performing and hard work that set up his “overnight success.”

Born to Run gave me a whole new appreciation for the artistry and years of toiling it takes to make your dreams become a reality.

Galvanized me to do my best and to work harder.

No retreat, baby. No surrender.