Blog Post # 375 – Choose Contentment?

Careful what you wish for.  Or for wishing too much.

Sometimes we have these idyllic dreams of what our life will be like if only this or that happens.

We long for something more, something better, something else.

Unsatisfied with the moment.

With what we have.

We think we need something to fill a void.

Truth is, there is no void.

No emptiness.

We have everything that we need.

Right here, right now.

We may be flawed, we may be lacking, but we are okay.

Instead of dreaming of some future day when the stars align and everything falls into place, what if we choose contentment?

Choose to be happy?

Choose to live in the present moment?

If we stack together one content day followed by another, we end up with a pretty nice month, year, life.

For today, let us reflect on all of the blessings that we have.

All of the goodness.

Let go of the anger.

And be right here with those around us.