Blog Post # 372 – No More Books?

Books can be highly addictive.

My mother instilled a great love of reading in me.

She served on the Richmond Heights Public Library Board and taught grade school many years.

Books were always around our house.

We participated in the summer reading program every year at the library.

Some of my best memories with my mom involve talking about books.

Two years ago, we had the chance to see one of our favorite authors, John Irving, speak at Powell Hall.

Nowadays, I cannot go into a bookstore without coming out with a few new tomes for the nightstand.

And that is the problem.

There they sit.  Books that look great on the shelf but which I can never find the time to actually read.

Running around with four kids and their hectic lives contributes to that.

So does managing a growing law firm.

But there is also the problem of my shrinking attention span.

Fact is that I probably don’t need any more books.

If I simply read all of the books that I already own, I would be an old man by the time that I was finished.

Lots of great ideas in there if I can ever find the time to unleash them.

When Amany and I found out that she was pregnant, we read a lot of books about pregnancy and child rearing.

After our son was born, Amany’s mom found her reading a book about babies.

“Time for reading is over,” she said.  “Time for action.”

Books can be a crutch.

Instead of taking action, I like to read another book on the topic of growth or change.

C’mon man.  Put down the book.

Get to work.

Implement more, read less.

That’s what I’m talking about.