Blog Post # 369 – More Structure, Not Less


There is something within me that mildly rebels against structure.

Too many rules.

Too much scheduling.

Too many hoops.

I can participate in these time constructs.

But only up to a point.

When I get overwhelmed with too many appointments or “have to’s” or “should do’s,” I look for an out.

This past week, the boys and I went on a spring training road trip while Amany and my daughter went to San Diego to take in the sights and visit with her brother.

I had many motivations in taking the boys.

1. Baseball
2. Quality time with the boys
3. The boys had never really been on a road trip
4. A week without a lot of rules
5. Baseball

As for the week without rules, let me just say that I learned to see the value of rules and of planning ahead.

I let the boys pack themselves. One boy forgot his toothbrush and his tennis shoes.

I let the boys play a lot of electronics in the car. They got bored with that eventually.

I did not check the weather forecast before we left. So I ended up having to buy a cheesy Clearwater FL sweatshirt at Walgreens.

A little more structure and a little more planning would have helped.

We enjoyed our free time. Enjoyed it a lot.

But there is certainly something to be said for more structure, not less. More oversight, not less. More planning, not less.

Makes us appreciate what we have right here in old St. Louis.