Blog Post # 368 – Missing You

As a parent, sometimes your kids drive you crazy.

You long for some quiet time.

But then as soon as you get that quiet time, you find yourself missing your children tremendously.

It took Amany a long, long time to agree to go out on a date after Ismail was born.

We finally went out and saw a Spider Man movie.

Amany kept saying how much Tobey McGuire looked like our 6 week old son.

Our son still looked like a half human, half lizard.

And not like Tobey McGuire.

This past week, I have been with the boys 24-7.

But Noor and Amany were on the other side of the country.

I missed both of them a lot.

Yesterday, when the boys and I were playing in the hotel pool, the boys were very loud.

As usual.

We were throwing the football around and I noticed a lady who was a little older than me watching the boys.

I thought we were bugging her.

A little while later, Ibrahim threw the ball over everyone’s head and the lady glided over to get it.

She threw it back to the boys like a boss.

I apologized. But she said, “what do you mean – this is my life? I have two just like them at home and I miss them.”

The funny irony. They drive you crazy, but then you miss them.

And, of course, soon enough, they will be out in the world living their own lives.

We will really be missing them then.