Blog Post # 367 – Expectations and Perspective

The boys and I recently drove 1,000 miles plus to Florida.

Two days later, we made an hour drive to Sarasota to see a spring training baseball game.

The hour drive seemed like a breeze.

Even Yusuf commented, “after driving all that way to get here, the drive to the game seemed easy.”

Sort of funny.

When I know I have to drive to Columbia or Jefferson City, which are about 100 miles away, the drive seems very far.

But Yusuf’s right – in comparison, it is nothing at all.

Expectations and perspective.

That’s what it’s all about.

Having low expectations helps the day and our toils seem easier.

Perspective goes a long way.

We experienced this in another way on this little spring break trip of ours.

I waited until the last minute to buy our tickets to the Cardinals’ spring training game yesterday.

Checked StubHub throughout the trip down here, but I figured that something might open up.

The plan worked this time.

Two days before the game, I found 4 tickets in Row 1, i.e., the front row. The ticket listing even said, “these seats are in the actual front row.”

I snapped them up for a relatively low price.

When we got to the stadium, we headed straight to the front row, right behind home plate.

All was well until the game was about to start.

Some old-timer in a Mark McGwire jersey arrived to tell me that we were sitting in Row A.

That the first two rows were rows A and B.

Row 1 was behind Row B.

Can you believe it?

At first, we were a bit discombobulated and sad about losing the VERY front row seats.

Had we gone straight to our assigned seats, we never would have known what it felt like to sit in the very front row.

It is a silly thing really but once we moved back two rows, we felt a bit slighted.

Turns out we liked our seats better in the long run because they were just a tad bit higher, making it easier to see the entire field.

But our expectations had to shift.

To change our perspective.

It all worked out in the end, but both of the examples today highlight how important our expectations are.

And how important it is to just go with the flow.

Easy to get caught up in how hard things are or how “unfair” the world is (first world problems both here), but perspective is important.

For today, let us keep our expectations low.

And to be grateful for everything that we have.