Blog Post # 366 – I Can Fly


It was cold and extremely windy down here in Clearwater, Florida yesterday.

Yusuf and Ibrahim gave a big “heck no” to heading down to the beach.

They preferred to play with their phones in the hotel room.

Our intrepid eldest son, Ismail, was not to be deterred by a little wind.

I headed out with him to the breezy Gulf of Mexico.

Being at the beach with Ismail always makes me feel old.

I remember when it was just Ismail, Amany and I at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when he was a year old.

His mother went parasailing on that trip, high in the air, while we waited on the beach for her to come down.

When we got out to the beach, nobody was in the water. Nobody.

As we headed to the water, the wind blasted us in the face.

Game time temperature: 64 degrees.

The wind caused our towels to billow in our face and we almost lost them a few times.

Ismail turned this into a game.

He said, “look, Dad, I can fly.”

He ran into the wind, dragging his towel behind him like a glider.

As the wind pounded us, he jumped in the air and said, “Dad, I’m flying. I’m flying.”

The problem with his approach was that he was facing the wrong way.

The towel kept blowing in his face because we were headed into the wind.

His brothers would never have engaged in such frivolity.

He’s a special boy.

Ismail can drive you crazy, but he can also find the fun wherever he is.

Like his mother, he has the amazing ability to be present and happy in the moment.

Always up for a new adventure.

When we got to the water, he jumped right in.

The waves crashed around him, but he claimed the water was warm.

He had so much fun, I thought about joining him.

Ismail lasted about 20 minutes in the water.

He stood up to the waves, jumped over the waves and glided on top of the waves.

On our way back to the hotel, he tried flying with his towel again.

He dragged the towel behind him like a cape, ran and jumped into the air.

Once, I believe I saw him take flight for the tiniest of seconds.

Our little own Superman, son of Jor-El.

Keep flying, kid.

Don’t ever let the world tell you that your flight is impossible.

I can’t wait to watch you soar, young man.