Blog Post # 365 – The Last Post

This time last year, uncle Seth – Godin, that is – challenged us to blog.


Seth said it would put us on the record.

Force us to take a position each day; one that would last for all of eternity.

To tell our story.

In a consistent and durable way.

On a lark, I took up the challenge.

And now, 365 days later, here we are.

This little exercise has taught me a few things.

Good Enough

Blogging has forced me to abandon the elusive myth of perfection.

There will never be a perfect time.

The stars don’t ever align perfectly.

Sometimes, you simply have to ship.

Hit the “publish” button and see what happens.

The Streak

On February 10, 2017, I forgot to publish a post.

Amany’s birthday.

I postponed writing the blog post that morning, thinking that I would get to it in the afternoon.

But work got hectic and I flat out forgot.

The next morning, I thought about fudging things.

Instead, I owned it and moved on.

Taught me that the streak isn’t what is important.

Rather, it was sharing a daily thought with my friends.

That’s what this blog was.

Me sharing how I view the world.

And seeing what happened.

I am glad that I forgot that day.

I could have quit, but i chose to keep going.

And that’s important.

You Never Know

Sometimes, I finished a piece and I thought that people would really like it.




It seems that the most popular pieces were rants about Trump and his hateful campaign and presidency.

The posts that received the most comments usually focused on death and the change that comes along with it.

Living in the Moment

When I was 11, my dad had a massive heart attack and a quintuple bypass.

That’s five.

The strongest man that I ever knew lying in bed, covered in tubes.

He survived, but that brush with death had a significant impact on me.

Life and death was a theme that I returned to again and again over the past year.

Pushed me to live in the moment as much as possible and to try and be fully present wherever I happened to be.

Made me very appreciative.


Fact is, you don’t reach 365 blog posts overnight.

No quick fix.

I’m a plodder.

No doubt about it.

Like my dad, I can put my head down and get things done.

Little by little.

Breaking things down to small, achievable goals is a strong suit for me.


The blog has made me appreciate each and every one of you.

Those that read.

Those that commented.

Those that shared.

Those that emailed or messaged me.

Your participation in this little journey kept me going.

Got me up each morning, ready to try and make sense of things.

What’s Next

Part of me says give it up.

The year is over.

But I think I might keep going.

We will know for sure tomorrow.

Until then, peace to you.