Blog Post # 364 – AMIL8?

Last week, a client showed up ten minutes late for his appointment.

He also talked a lot.

Which caused our appointment to go over its allotted time.

Which made me 10 minutes late for lunch.

Which made me late for my 1 pm appointment.

And on and on.

I spent the whole day running late.

Hated it.

Stressed me out the entire afternoon.

Gave me a big headache.

Showing up on time is a form of respect.

Punctuality should be taken very seriously.

When we don’t show up on time, we are telling the other person that their time doesn’t matter.

That we are more important than they are.

When I was in high school, the mother of one of my friends had a license plate which read:


I thought it was funny then. Now, not so much.

Some days, I have appointments stacked – four in the morning and four or five in the afternoon.

I do my absolute best to make sure that nobody waits more than 5 minutes past the scheduled start time for our meeting.

Expect the same from others.

Tonight’s blog post is going out late.

But I am on vacation and I’m still getting it in on time.

Have a great night!