Blog Post # 363 – The Time for Talking’s Over Now

People say talk is cheap.

They are right.

How many promises to ourselves do we break?

How many mission statements sit in a drawer, never acted upon?

How many times before we act?

Action is what we are after.


Maybe small, measured steps. But steps towards something.

We may be the world’s biggest dreamer.

But dreams (like faith) without works are dead.

Let us hail the implementers.

The closers.

Those who get shit done.

Amany is like that.

My buddy Brent too.

They cannot rest until the task is completed.

I could learn a thing or two from their approach.

We all could.

It’s fine to compile to do lists and to construct big, visionary long range plans.

But if we keep doing the same things over and over ….

we get nowhere.