Blog Post # 361 – Getting Dead

Started reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run.

Listening to it on audio, actually.

Like me, Springsteen was raised Catholic.

He lived across the street from the church, St. Rose of Lima.

In the book, he talked about everything that went on at the church.

Babies getting baptized.

Couples getting married.

People getting dead.

Getting dead.

As if it takes action and effort to “get” dead.

An interesting turn of phrase.

Are we “getting dead”?

What is the opposite of getting dead?

Simply living would not be enough.

Getting alive.

That’s what we need – to get alive.

Being engaged in this earth takes effort.


Moving towards something.

In the end, we are all getting dead.

Some of us are just doing it a lot faster than others.

For today, let’s do what we can to get living.

Plenty of time for dead later.

Let us be fully invested in this day.

March 10, 2017.

Let’s roll.