Blog Post # 360 – Rules Don’t Apply to Me

That rule shouldn’t apply to me.

I’m special, different and interesting.

So I get to do what I want.

Sound familiar?

I used to think that my body was different.

That I could eat whatever I wanted.

Exercise if/when I felt like it.

(Which was not the case very often).

Save money?

Who me?

This internal conflict between doing the things that would help me improve my body, my life, my situation versus unrestrained doing what I felt like doing.

The difference between being an adult or a child.

It is one thing to be intellectually aware of the way that I was behaving.

An entirely different thing to make the harder choice.

The tougher decision.

Especially if that little voice inside my head kept saying “oh you don’t have to do that. You are different/better/smarter than everybody else.”

Well, screw that.

For today, let us see the opportunities for important change.

Just be aware of them.

And, if we feel like trying something different, tell ourselves that the rules of life apply to us as well.

Then take a chance and see what happens.