Blog Post # 359 – The Antidote to Fear

Certain fears are healthy and helpful.

Fear of flames.

Fear of death, perhaps.

Fear of war.

But then there are those other fears.

The fear that keeps us stuck.

The fear of risk.

The fear of taking a chance.

These other fears.

They can control us.

Deny us from becoming our better selves.

During our short time on this planet, our job is to identify each and every one of our fears.

To honestly assess whether it is a fear that serves us or traps us.

And if it is an unhelpful fear, to put it to rest.

To take away its power.

How do we do this?

By sharing our fears with other people.

And to actively and deliberately work in a conscious way to overcome those fears.

Simply articulating these other fears takes away a lot of their power.

And we must act in spite of those fears.

The antidote to fear is action.

To act despite not knowing for sure what is going to happen.

Act for change.

Reach for growth.

And leave the rubble of your fears behind.