Blog Post # 358 – Keep Calm

The value of worrying.

Worrying about things never make them better.

Last night, we had predictions of tornadoes, hail, pestilence and plagues.

Nothing happened.

Just a small reminder that 50% of the time that we worry about things, they never come to fruition.

Not to say that we should not be prepared.

But we must keep things in perspective.

Many friends on Facebook were freaking out before the storm.

The storm which never occurred.

Keep calm.

Calm because the storm may never come.

Storms will come and go.

And it is good to anticipate them.

But we cannot be ruled by fear.

Cannot spend tons of time and energy worrying about what may happen.

For today, let us be present in the moment.

To set aside our fears.

To live with our fears in check.

And let the future take its course.

For the sun, as they say, will come out tomorrow.