Blog Post # 356 – The Future That Liberals Want

This photo was recently taken on a New York subway.

The man who took the photo, an immigrant from Guinea, is Boubah Barry.

Boubah posted the photo to Instagram as a show of the diversity of life in NYC.

A conservative website then shared the photo with the caption “this is the future that liberals want.”

The predictable social media firestorm ensued.

Liberals piled on with funny tweets about the future that liberals really want.

Conservatives plied their outrage as usual.

The photo is, in fact, a testament to what makes America great.

If I were a woman, I would not choose to wear niqab.

Nor would I consider going out on a subway in drag.

But that’s the point.

One person wants to wear niqab. In America, they can choose to do so.

The other person wants to head out on the street in drag. In America, they too can choose to do so.

It’s not for me to say who should wear what when out in public.

More importantly, it’s not for the government to say.

Instructive too is the fact that this photo sparked such online outrage.

At this moment in America, emotions are high and nerves are raw.

Seems like every moment that there is something to be angry about.

Hopefully, we will all calm down a bit.

Less hyperbole, more dialogue.

To that end, a new podcast called With Friends Like These tries to share difficult conversations.

Trump voters talking to a liberal podcast host.

An African American journalist discussing why he is tired of always being white folks’ “one black friend.”

Check it out.

And maybe we can build a future that everyone can be (relatively) happy with.