Blog Post # 355 – Save Us From The True Believers

God, please save us from the zealots.

The true believers.

Those who think that their interpretation of a Higher Power is 100% infallible.

Those who believe that their side is always right and the other side is always wrong.

Who lack the ability to spot the gray areas.

The nuance.

The idea that there is something else to learn.

We can find zealots on all aspects of the political spectrum.

In each and every religion.

The world is not black and white.

We all have something to learn.

With access to infinite information sources, all of us can find websites, forums and Facebook groups that reinforce our idea that we are right and THEY are wrong.

This can feed the zealotry.

Zealots can be easy to spot.

They talk more than they listen.

They refuse to concede that their position might be flawed in any way, no matter how minor.

They obsess on proving that they are right.

For today, let us release our own zealotry.

To open our mind a little.

To the fact that we might be wrong.

Or that our position can change.

This is a much freer place.

And provide us a confidence not based on absolutes and devotion.

But rather based upon thoughtful reflection and an open mind.