Blog Post # 354 – You Deserve a Break Today


We all need to take breaks.

To relax.

To exercise.

A slight change to our routine can boost our energy and focus tremendously.

We cannot run, run, run, run.

Well, we can, but how effective will we be?

Stephen Covey called it sharpening the saw.

Recharging the batteries.

Taking a break.

We need that down time.

If we don’t give ourselves that space to relax and refocus, we can burn a whole lot of effort for not much gain.

And we have talked previously about how two hours of focused work can be much more effective than six hours of grinding.

Grinding doesn’t do us much good at all.

For today, let us give ourselves permission to take a break.

And to open our mind to an alternative path through this day.

We deserve it.