Blog Post # 353 – Sitting With Discomfort

When we feel uncomfortable, we often wish to end that discomfort as quickly as possible.

Much of modern life is built around the idea that we should be comfortable as much as possible.

The world of information in our smart phone.

Air conditioning, swimming pools, spas and grocery stores stacked to the shelves.

The idea of going without or failing to satiate our desires seems unfathomable to many.

This makes it harder to adjust to uncomfortable situations that much harder.

Are we soft? Perhaps.

But even if we are not, our lives are infinitely easier than the lives that our grandparents lived.

And this is okay.

It is just a fact.

There is, however, value in hardship.

In struggle.

It makes us stronger.

It builds our strength.

It gets us ready for the next hardship.

We are not advocating toughness for the sake of toughness.

But instead, consider sitting for just a bit in our discomfort.

Instead of rushing away from it.

Feeling the feelings of things being amiss.

Not to wallow, but to learn.

To appreciate how much more often that our lives are easier.

To learn empathy to those who struggle with similar situations.

It is hard to not want to run away from our pain.

But if we just spend a little time sitting with it, we can learn a lot.

Much more than when times are easy.

For today, let us sit with the discomfort of our day.

Instead of running away from it, to just sit with it and observe.

Plenty of time for escape later.