Blog Post # 351 – Breaking the Bubble

They call this the bubble.

Surrounding ourselves with friends who think and look like us.

Reading news sources that support our world view.

Ignoring those that do not.

After November’s presidential election, a lot of soul-searching occurred in the left.

Much of it focused on the bubble.

Friends immediately swung into action by reaching out to Trump supporters.

To try and listen to why they voted for Mr. Trump.

The sentiment is understandable.

And the desire to get perspective from “the other side” makes sense.

But should Democrats spend their time figuring out why people voted against Hillary and for the Donald?


But perhaps not.

Instead, Democrats might be better off focusing on the 40% of the American electorate who decided to stay home.

To ask whether it was Hillary’s bungled campaign and flaws as a candidate that brought about the loss in the electoral college.

After all, even with all of her baggage, the Democratic candidate received more than 3 million votes that the Republican candidate.

Donald and the Republicans won’t have Hillary to kick around in 2020.

And when the next election comes around, the Donald will have a record to be analyzed.

It is much easier to run against something than it is to run for something.

The Democratic electorate seems engaged in a way that it has not been since Barack Obama first ran for President.

We progressives need to focus on moving forward and getting our message of helping people and standing up for working women and men out there.

To break through all bubbles.

And to get to work.

Keep going.