Blog Post # 350 – The Ties That Bind

The ties that bind.

Our family provides us the ties that bind.

Those close to us give us strength to keep going.

To keep striving.

The time that we spend together, the lives that we live together.

These are what are important.

When we struggle, we need to channel the energy of those that love us.

To focus on that.

To push out the negative.

To remember the love of the ties that bind.

This can push us through.

To improve.

To soar.

To challenge ourselves to greatness.

No one cares about us more than our family.

And family does not necessarily mean those who brought us into the world.

Family can be those that surround us.

We know in our heart who these champions for us truly are.

Lean on them.

Consult them.

Listen to them.

Channel their strength.

Channel their faith.

For today, let us remember those who helped get us to this moment.

Those who help us be our best.

And use that strength to leap ahead.

To greatness.