Blog Post # 345 – What Are You Avoiding?

I’m so mad.

My buddy Tyson Mutrux and I have a podcast.

It is called Maximum Lawyer.

The show is devoted to running a law practice effectively and wisely.

We have a lot of fun.

We drop a new episode once a week.

But in the show we just recorded, which will drop next week, Tyson called me out.

I was talking about how I find myself doing more and more busy work.

Work that other people in the office do as well or better than me.

Work that I don’t need to be doing.

Tyson called me out.

He kindly asked me, “Jimmy, what important work are you avoiding doing?”


That call out has stuck with me since we recorded on Monday.

Fact is, I can and should delegate and automate a fair amount of the things that need to get done around our office.

Things are very busy and my inclination is to dive right in and get lots of smaller tasks done.

To put the big picture stuff to the side and to just stay busy.

But as a business owner, that is not the best use of my time.

I hadn’t thought of my busy work as avoidance.

However, I believe Tyson might be onto something.

So this week I am raising self-awareness around this issue of work that I do not need to be doing.

And latching onto the higher level work that I should be focused upon.

So let me ask you, “what important work are you avoiding doing?”