Blog Post # 344 – Facebook Is Not Too Political

People complain that Facebook has become too political.

To them, I say, “you should see Twitter!”

I understand the sentiment of longing for a “simpler” time in social media.

But we do not live in simpler times.

For better or worse, Facebook is our electronic town square.

We share stories, information, and news.

The fact that things have skewed more political lately is entirely proper.

We can certainly enjoy cat videos, baseball news and hearing success stories of our friends’ children.

Plenty of value in that.

But there also is great value in getting untold stories out there.

Yesterday, I shared a Facebook post about an elderly white gentleman who threatened to terrorize a mosque. Yet, he is not being charged with terrorism.

I thought everyone that I knew already had heard about this guy.

Turns out to not be the case.

I am glad that I shared it.

Last month, three young ladies decided on a Thursday night to hold a rally downtown in support of immigrants on the following Saturday, i.e., less than 48 hours later.

They didn’t have to buy radio time to advertise the rally.

No news stations covered the rally ahead of time.

Yet, 250 people showed up to this peaceful rally and march.

All through creating an event on Facebook.

Social media is a tool.

As with all tools, Facebook can be used for good, productive things or for completely wasting time.

I understand the sentiment of wanting to fill Facebook with fun, happy things.

But we need this tool and we should use it as much as we can to bring about change.

Or not.

Now, who has the best Onion article to share?