Blog Post # 339 – Power Time

Some folks that I know are morning people.

Others get their work done late at night.

I, for one, seem to accomplish more in my first 4 hours of the day than I do in the evening.

I’m not one of those people that can drive overnight for a vacation.

In the morning, I am rested.

My mind is clear.

I can focus and pay attention a whole lot better.

When I was young, my father woke us up every morning at 5:45.

“Jimmy! Kerry! Molly! Rise and shine. Another beautiful day for the Corps.”

(He had been in the Marine Corps).

So, I suppose that I had the early morning schedule drilled into me at a young age.

This year, I have been driving my eldest son downtown to school most mornings.

I have not been able to tap into my early morning reserves since September.

But my wise wife recommended that I start going in early on Saturdays.

And it really worked. Yet again.

I was able to finish a significant amount of work in just a few short hours last Saturday.

For today, let us find our body’s rhythm.

Figure out what our best time of day is.

And do what we can to not be interrupted during this time slot.

Best of luck.