Blog Post # 332 – Life of Service


How do we serve others?

Do we help build people up?

Or tear them down?

Working in a soup kitchen, visiting the elderly, helping a neighbor.

These are all examples of service.

But what if we viewed every human interaction as a gift of service?

To be less self-consumed and focused more upon helping another.

We can choose to incorporate service into our workplace, our home life, anywhere we go.

Putting others first as much as we can.

Not to the point of denying ourselves the things we need.

But when we adopt an approach of service, things become clear.

When confronted with a decision, we ask ourselves how does this best serve another?

Working as an immigration lawyer allows me to serve my clients in important ways.

To help them move up the immigration ladder.

I could view my job as busy work – filling out forms and attending interviews.

But, for me, my occupation is infused with numerous opportunities to serve.

Some of this is perspective.

Some of it is worldview.

But for the most part, finding the way to serve the most people in the most effective way has always served me well.

For today, try and find the opportunities for service.

I think you will feel better about your day.