Blog Post # 331 – Live! Without A Net!

What if people were always watching?

Last night, I listened to 2 attorneys argue legal issues surrounding President Trump’s executive order regarding immigration.

The court of appeals streamed the entire argument so that the whole world could hear.

On Sunday, millions and millions of people around the world watched as the Atlanta Falcons lost a very winnable game to one of the toughest, coolest team in NFL history, the New England Patriots.

Imagine if every job required such public exhibitions.

Modern day high-wire acts.

What if how we performed our jobs was played out on (inter)national television or streamed live over the interwebs?

I wonder if it would change how we do our jobs.

I enjoy creating content live and on the fly – YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.

But I usually have some editorial control before we release them.

When you are live, without a net, it changes the experience.

Both for us as the participant and for the listener/viewer.

What if we lived our lives as if the whole world were watching?

Or listening?

We would probably get a whole lot better at our job.

An interesting thought experiment? Yes.

But also an opportunity to examine how we go through our day and consider how we might act differently if we knew everyone was watching.

Not sure where that leads, but it does seem a clarifying question.

Part of me thinks this sounds like a horrible idea.

But we do spend a tremendous amount of time watching others – television, Facebook, etc.

We can share a lot of ourselves.

Even now.

Even with our safety net.