Blog Post # 327 – The Opportunities Are Endless

Everything is an opportunity.


If we struggle with our weight, it is an opportunity to change our diet and to start exercising.

If we lose our job, the world presents us with an opportunity to grow into something new.

The things that may, at first glance, appear to be horrible, offer us an opportunity to stretch ourselves.

To grow.

To adapt.

To learn how strong that we really are.

Some of my greatest challenges have resulted in real growth.

Right now, we face a harsh new world with an imperialist President.

This too is an opportunity.

Our job is to find the opportunity.

And in doing so, we will find ourselves.

Will we rise to the challenge?

No matter how bad things are, we have the opportunity to rise.

For today, let us find the opportunity in all of our challenges.

Big and small.

And thereby find what we are really all about.