Blog Post # 325 – Down Time

More down time.

We need more down time.

TV talking heads muted.

Telephone off while charging.

Twitter and Facebook feeds ignored.

A lot going on in the world, obviously.

But we cannot live and breathe it for 24/7.

It cannot consume us.

We need more head space.

Time to chill.

Time to laugh.

Time to play.

This is true now, in the most disruptive of times, more than ever.

When we are organizing, advocating, protesting, posting, reading or educating, we should be all in.

Giving complete focus to the important work at hand.

But we have to – have to – give ourselves the mental space to refresh and recharge.

My friend Marwan looked at me the other day and said, “you look tired.”

I was.

I knew that I needed some mental space.

So when I got home, I turned everything off and chilled.

Came back ready to fight again the next day.

Take care of yourself. Don’t give that away too.