Blog Post # 324 – Freeze Frame

Sometimes, we eat dinner in the kitchen nook as opposed to the dining room.

I like this as all 6 of us sit in nice and tight.

But it is not without its risks.

Punching periodically occurs.

For the most part, however, it works out just fine.

Last evening, all six of us sat around the table and Amany asked everyone to talk about their day.

Yusuf told us how he was enjoying learning about the Cold War.

Ismail, as he often does, talked about some new Adidas tennis shoes that were coming out.

Noor mentioned how much fun she had in P.E. as they were practicing for indoor Olympics.

Ibrahim told a silly story about his friends.

At one point, all five of them were talking.

At the same time.

It got pretty loud in our little kitchen nook.

I paused.

And soaked it all in.

In the not too distant future, Ismail will head off to college.

Yusuf will leave one year later.

Eventually, Ibrahim and Noor will head off into the world as well.

I took a screenshot of that moment and focused on it very deeply.

A freeze frame.

God willing, one day, it will just be Amany and I in the house.

The house will seem very quiet.

And I’ll remember the ruckus, the energy, the yelling and the punching.

I suspect that, at that moment, I would trade an awful lot to have one more dinner in our kitchen nook.

Savor everything.