Blog Post # 293 – Broken Resolutions

EDITOR’S NOTE: For some reason, WordPress didn’t push out yesterday’s blog post. Sorry about that. (Ironic given the topic, but the post was written on time).

January 1.

So many past broken resolutions.

Grand, delusional resolutions.

“I am going to lose 40 pounds this year.”

“I am going to budget and save a lot more this year.”

“I am going to spend more time with my family this year.”

The vast majority of these resolutions are forgotten by about January 10th.

The gyms thin out.

The restaurants and bars fill back up.

The budget gets ignored.

How about this year we try something a bit different?

The un-resolution.

To simply acknowledge that we lack 100% resolve.

That we have moments of weaknesses.

That we do not have to bring about change in a perfect manner.

It is the striving that is important.

The perseverance.

The refusal to give up.

And instead of promising ourselves to make the change at some later today, we could choose to bring about change in the present moment.

To live our change in the present, not the future.

To realize that now is the only time we have control over.

What we put in our mouth, what we spend, what we choose to focus upon.

Perhaps resolve to live in the moment.

And to be gentle with ourselves.

To know we won’t be perfect.

To know that our resolve is finite.

And to just do our best in the here and now.

Day by day.

Until actual change has occurred.