Blog Post # 322 – Learn Something New Everyday

Last night, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike Matheny, spoke at the Father-Son Banquet at my son’s high school.

Matheny gave a fantastic speech and I am now a big fan.

The coach is a voracious reader.  He confessed that most of the books that he reads are about leadership and excellence.

He listed some of my favorites.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Mindset by Carol Dweck.

All the leadership books by Ken Blanchard.

Coach Matheny had many great lessons for the young men and their dads.

We will discuss some of these in future posts.

He talked about following a Hall of Fame manager, Tony LaRussa, after Tony’s last team won the 2011 World Series.

Prior to the transfer of power, Matheny asked LaRussa for a sit-down.

He brought a big notepad and several sharpened pencils so as to take lots of notes from the Hall of Famer.

Matheny asked LaRussa what he needed to know about coaching.

LaRussa smiled and said, “learn something new every day.”

Matheny nodded, wrote this down dutifully and asked, “what else?”

LaRussa replied, “learn something new every day.”

That’s it.

Love this anecdote.  Applies to all of us.

We need to have a curious mind.

To find different opportunities to learn something from somebody else or from some experience that we go through.

And to see the cumulative effect of this learning.

To keep improving.

To find wisdom in small things.

To act on the wisdom and to never stop learning.

Love this.