Blog Post # 320 – What Say You Now?

You said that he wasn’t going to do all of the horrible things that he promised he was going to do.

You said that we should give him a chance.

You told yourself that it was okay to vote for a racist, but that vote did not make you a racist.

You told me that everything was going to be okay.

Well … now here we are.

This is who you voted for.

This is your candidate.

He hasn’t improved since the election.

He has gotten worse.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We are now just seeing it on an expedited basis.

Closing our borders to refugees.

Ostracizing and vilifying 1.2 billion people for practicing their religion.

Shutting down the study of climate change.

Getting into bed with Vladimir Putin.

Do you continue to feel your vote was properly cast?

Do you still think that I’m crazy for having opposed this man so vigorously?

Do you now see what you have wrought with your vote?

What say you now?

There is still plenty of room in the resistance.

We will welcome you back with open arms.

Once you have had enough, just say the word and help us in the struggle.

What say you now?