Blog Post # 319 – A Collection of Mornings

A collection of mornings.

Newlyweds awaken with their whole weekend in front of them.

Nothing to do really, but they convince themselves that they are very busy.

Later, the mom has a fitful night sleep as their baby boy kicks inside her belly.

She never really fell asleep, but as the sun peeks through the window shades, she dozes off to a gentle sleep.

Fast forward and the baby has entered the world like a rocket, taking the parents by storm.

The baby nestles against his mother’s chest as the father rises to go to work.

More babies follow.

More mornings follow, too.

Mornings filled with family breakfasts, daily runs to the daycare as the sleep deprived parents try to get themselves presentable for work.

The babies grow.

They start sleeping in big kid beds.

Getting themselves dressed and making their own lunches for school.

Mornings consist of mom and dad trying hard to awaken the children so that they don’t miss the bus.

Future mornings will include loading up the family truckster to take sonny boy and his siblings off to college.

Dressing up for the children’s weddings.

Going to visit newborn grandchildren at the hospital.

Each of these beautiful days is brought to you by the morning.

A glorious morning where anything is possible and the rest of your life still stands before you.

Pretty cool, eh?