Blog Post # 318 – Price to Pay

We want to be in shape.

But we can’t find the time to workout.

We want to be rich.

But we spend almost every dollar that we earn.

We want our children to love us.

But we don’t spend much time with them and when we do, we (and they) are looking at our phones.

Real success carries a price.

The price of admission.

A price to pay.

Way too often, it seems, we glorify the result without putting in the work.

When we do this, the glorified, fictitious result often fades away without ever coming to pass.

Maybe we should focus on the work.

Focus on the exercise and the fit body will result.

Focus on the saving money and the bank account will grow.

Focus on the children and watch our relationships improve.

Having to work for something is not so bad.

In fact, the result that comes from hard work and sacrifice is that much more meaningful than getting lucky or having something handed to us.

Luck plays its part.

But you can’t outsource the real work that needs to get done.

For today, let us think more about the effort and less about the result.