Blog Post # 317 – Giving Voice

When did we become so jaded?

So cynical?

Our compassion muscles seem a bit flabby.

We forgive less often.

We empathize less frequently.

We find ourselves more strident in our views.

Let’s call a timeout.

A break.

We have a chance every day to listen.

To take action.

To be open to another’s perspective.

When things are tough and the political news upsetting, it is tempting to hunker down and focus on what’s best for ourselves.

But we are called to something higher, something bolder.

To look outside our immediate circle and to provide shelter to those who need it.

To empower the powerless.

To give voice to the plight of another.

We can, of course, do nothing and protect our little place in the world.

Or we can stretch ourselves, to reach out and help another.

Will we heed the people’s call?

And if not now, then when?