Blog Post # 316 – The Other 1 Percent

The other 1 percent.

No, this is not a blog post about the rich versus the poor.

What we are talking about today is incremental, 1 percent improvement.

My buddy Greg Jenkins, Infusionsoft guru extraordinaire, sent out an email yesterday linking to an article by James Clear.

The article talks about how if we make 1 percent improvements across the board, the ultimate impact of those improvements vastly exceeds the sum of its parts.  

In other words, if we make tweaks to our systems or our lives by 1 percent across the board, then all of those tweaks combine to bring about extraordinary change.

Clear uses the example of the British cycling team that implemented a strategy to make 1 percent improvements in all aspects of the team’s routine in an effort to win the Tour de France within 5 years.

They won it after only 3.

The team changed the gels they used, the pillows they used, they washed their hands more frequently, etc.

All of these small, little changes had a profound impact on the success of the team.

So often in life, we look at change as a monumental task.

But, in reality, it is the small, incremental, purposeful changes that bring about massive success.

For today, let us think critically at the way that we are doing things.

And search for small, achievable changes that can add up to extraordinary change in our lives.