Blog Post # 315 – Action or Distraction?

Justifiable distractions.

We need to stay aware and awake as to what is going on in the world.

As engaged citizens, we should be paying attention.

And they do what they can to get us to tune in.

They tell us alternative facts.

They report on the latest outrage.

In fact, they have spent a lot of time and money to figure out what pushes our buttons.

All in an effort to grab our eyeballs.

To have us paying attention.

But is it possible that all of it is still just one big distraction?

Is paying attention to the powers that be really going to affect us in the here and now?

Obviously, they can set policy and implement regulations that harm us or the people that we care about.

And we do need to be vigilant.

But we cannot do so at the expense of our own work, goals and plans.

We should give a certain, limited amount of our time to paying attention and the occasional outrage.

We cannot, however, get consumed by it.

It takes us off our game.

Gets us so mad or depressed that we cannot act.

For action is what it is going to take to implement real change.

Action, not distraction.

We can choose to be crippled by our anger or our outrage.

Or we can do something.

Focus on something.

Build something.

For today, let’s give the news the appropriate amount of space in our lives.

And then let’s act.