Blog Post # 313 – Life in Flux

Note:  I am having a little problem with publishing.  I keep forgetting to hit send.  Sorry for not pushing this out yesterday.  But it was done on time!

Life gets difficult.

But that allows us to contrast with when life is good.

If we lacked struggle, we could not truly appreciate victory.

We seem to have this idealized future view where everything is clean, happy and “good.”

In reality, there is an ebb and flow to life.

Times of intense happiness.

Followed (sometimes very quickly), deep and profound grief.

We need both to appreciate the richness and fullness of a life well lived.

And it’s not really “both.”

For things come at us that are both good and bad.

Happy and sad.

A life in flow.

A life in flux.

We have to be ready for anything.

Ready to jump, to pivot, to dive or to soar.

This is true on an individual level and as a collective people here on planet Earth in 2017.

So it behooves us to be aware of the things that happen to us.

Adaptation is our goal.

Constantly asking ourselves “what’s next?” and being confident that we can handle it will serve us well.

For today, let us take it all in – the good, the bad and all the rest.

Life is no longer black and white for us.

Rather, it is a series of adjustments – tweaks both big and small.

Are you ready?