Blog Post # 312 – The Day Has Come

The day has come.

The day we dreaded.

An admitted groper of women becomes President of the United States.

A man who mocked the disabled becomes the most powerful person on the planet.

A person lacking any qualifications for the office whatsoever.

A man bereft of civility, compassion or empathy.

Here he is.

The once and future king.

He surrounds himself with zealots and people lacking experience or knowledge on how to run a government.

This is who America allowed to become President.

We can throw up our hands and let him do what he wants.

That is one choice.

Or we can fight.

To hold him accountable for this decisions.

To speak truth to power.

To organize for the elections in 2018 and 2020.

That sounds a lot better.

A lot more empowering.

Let him have his crown.

His party has control of the White House and the Congress.

The Supreme Court to follow shortly.

They cannot blame Obama anymore.

They cannot vilify Hillary anymore.

It is all belongs to them now.

We may be inclined to wish them well.

For, in the end, we love our country.

But we cannot let them turn this nation into the hellhole they envision.

So we stand our ground, call them on their lies and fight.

And hopefully, in 1461 days, it will be Mr. Trump and his entourage departing the House that is White.

That, of course, is up to us.