Blog Post # 310 – Change Our Tapes

Our tapes.

The strange things we tell ourselves.

The recordings that swirl around in our brain.

Telling us that we are no good.

That we are stuck.

That any attempt at change is futile.

Our tapes are powerful.


And keep us trapped.

I used to have a friend in OA who would say “my mind is dangerous territory. Better for me to not go there alone.”

It helps to get these isolating thoughts out in the open.

They lose some of their power.

Speaking them to another.

Or writing them in a journal.

These simple acts can help us change our internal conversation.

Another thing is to develop new tapes.

To re-record.

Best way for me to do this is to listen to music that lifts me up.

Or to listen to podcasts or audiobooks with a positive and hopeful message.

It is possible to infuse our brain with new tapes.

And when we change the tapes, anything becomes possible.

Our fear dissipates.

And we get clear on what we can actually accomplish.
Change our tapes.

And change our world.