Blog Post # 309 – Hello, Resistance

Resistance is our friend.

Resistance gives us something to work against.

In order for a muscle to strengthen, an opposing force must be present.

This is true of our biceps, quads and triceps.

But this is also true of our mind.

And our heart.

When we want to change, to become stronger, in some aspect of our life, we have to first acknowledge that there will be resistance.

Outside resistance, as well as internal resistance.

Just part of the deal.

In fact, the more resistance that we recognize, the more likely that we are on the right track to overcome.

Difficult change does not come easily.

The person trying to overcome a sedentary lifestyle is going to face tremendous internal resistance.

The person trying to quarterback his team to victory will face 11 defenders who want nothing more than to annihilate him.

The person trying to advance civil rights for an entire people will face all of the forces of the present power structure.

So instead of running from resistance, we should embrace it.

Acknowledge its strength but vow to overcome it.

To welcome it.

To push back.

With all of the effort that we can muster.

And then kick its butt.