Blog Post # 308 – Race is Still a Thing

So, race is still a thing.

Not going away anytime soon.

America is in no way “post-racial.”

Yes, we elected our first black President.

But then we elected a man who was happy to be endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party. Who made big headlines by capitalizing on the racial divide.

We still look at each other through the prism of race.

Their race and our race.

We still generalize, stereotype and discriminate.

Predominantly Caucasian schools still get more funding than predominantly African American schools.

Yes, there may be reasons for this.

But it is still a thing.

African American men are incarcerated at much higher rates than their white counterparts.

Economic disparity often tracks race.

Have we made strides?

I suppose.

But if we look around, we see a racial component to many events of the past few years.


Black Lives Matter.

Make America White Again.

Anti-immigrant sentiment.

I’m not here to share some Pollyanna, can’t we all get along drivel.

I am just acknowledging the state of where we are at.

For today is the celebration of the birth of one who challenged America on its racist past and present.

Who died speaking for the poor, the discriminated against and the forgotten.

A man who died because of the color of his skin and the hatred of a white man.

We will never have another Dr. King.

Which is too bad.

Because we could really use his eloquence, his leadership, his empathy and his passion right about now.

Here in 2017.

Where race is still a thing.