Blog Post # 306 – Outrage of the Day

NOTE:  I keep forgetting to hit publish.  This was Saturday’s post.

They want you distracted.

They want you scared.

They want you angry.

Preferably, a righteous anger.

Local and national news stations make their money by getting you to tune in.

To hear the latest outrage.

Watch the latest scandal.

Get your blood boiling.

Now we even have stations devoted to one political worldview or another.

MSNBC is for liberals.

Fox News is for conservatives.

So much talk about “fake news,” but no one talks about how much drivel all of the news stations spew forth.

How much wasted energy.

Be scared of the Muslims.

Be angry at Trump or Hillary.

All Lives Matter!

What if we took away their power?

What if we stopped watching?

Maybe not forever.

But for 30 days. As an experiment.

What could we do with ourselves?

Read a book of substance.

Play with our children.

Listen to a podcast that makes us think about things.

Might we just be a wee bit happier?

Maybe, just maybe, the remote control isn’t controlling our television.

But instead the news of the day is controlling us, remotely.

Lots of things to unplug from in 2017.

But perhaps the outrage of the day is a good place to start.