Blog Post # 302 – The Truth Inside

We know the truth.

And we can get to it too.

We sit.


And let the right answer bubble to the surface.

It may take practice.

We may have to be completely still.

But when we are puzzled, befuddled and confused, we can pause.

We can wait.

For the answer to come from within.

No need to pay anyone.

To buy anything.

To search halfway across the globe.

Our truth rests inside us.

We just need to listen.

It will come if we wait long enough.

Your truth is your truth.

Latch on to it.

Own it.

And use it for strength when you feel shaky.

A guidepost for where you want to go.

A line in the sand.

Don’t let anyone take it from you.


And when you are ready.

Share it with us.

We need your light.

We wait for your voice.

Don’t hold back.

The world needs you.