Blog Post # 301 – A Legacy of Impact

What will be our legacy?

Our imprint on the world.

How do we wish to be remembered?

Some amazing people lead unbelievable lives and impact millions.

Lincoln. King. Ali. Winfrey. Mandela. Gandhi. Mother Teresa.

How about us?

Every day, we impact the people around us.

Our children. Our siblings. Our parents.

Our co-workers. The people we serve. Strangers that we encounter.

Is our impact a positive one or a depleting one?

Should our goal be to impact as many people as possible?

Or, rather, to impact the people around us as deeply as possible?

Perhaps both.

But impact is what we are after.

How can we affect real change or shift in perspective on those around us?

For today, let us look at our lives.

Realize that we are like the stone tossed gently into the lake.

Our actions and our words impact those around us like the circles emanating from where our stone landed in the lake.

We cause reactions and shift energy (both good and bad) to those around us.

How do we want our impact to occur this day?