Blog Post # 300 – Trust-i-ness

How do we help someone else to trust us?


To go from being a stranger to someone with whom we want to become friends or to do business.


It takes time certainly.


Time spent on a common endeavor or achieving a goal or enduring something unpleasant.


We have to be trustworthy as well.


To always tell the truth.


To be honest in our interactions with the other person.


To mean what we say and to do what we say that we will do.


Integrity and trustworthiness go hand in hand.


Trust is like a wall that you build brick by brick.


The longer the time spent together, the bigger the wall.


The deeper the connection and the more intense the communal experience, the stronger the wall.


Can we make someone trust us?


No, probably not.


But can we build our trust-i-ness muscle by living in integrity and fulfilling our promises?


Yes, probably yes.


For today, let us give more than we receive.


Fulfill all of our promises, both big and small.


And start strengthening those connections to those who are close to us.