Blog Post # 299 – Old Wounds

What should we do with old wounds?

When the boys were little, we bought a Sony video camera.

This was before cell phones had video capability.

We would video the boys playing, climbing and sometimes fighting.

Years later, when we would watch the videos that included the fighting, the (now older) boys would remember the fights and start fighting again right in front of the television.

How many of us are fighting old battles?

Remembering prior injustices?

Holding grudges for old wounds?

It is certainly permissible and understandable for people to refrain from forgiveness.

To avoid letting go.

To always remembering what someone did to wrong us.

But it’s a trap.

A trap that keeps us imprisoned in the past.

That prevents us from moving forward.

Keeps us confined to our own special, secret brand of misery.

Got to let that stuff go.

To acknowledge it, define it, speak it and then release it.

Just as we may hope that others would forgive us for the wrongs that we committed.

When we let go of past traumas and understand that they were part of our (difficult) journey to today, we open ourselves up to the beauty of today and the hope of tomorrow.

For today, please take a step towards freedom.

Please forgive yourself and others.

Please stop holding on so tightly.

And soar.