Blog Post # 290 – Another Year Ends

Another year draws to a close.

How did we spend it?

Did we live our life fully?

Were we fully engaged?

What did we hide from?

2017 offers us another 365 days.

What will we do with it?

Where will our focus be?

Who will we connect with?

There’s no guarantee that we will be here next year.

How does that impact us?

Might we reframe things?

Does that help us distil what is truly important?

This life is a blessing.

Do we know that in our brain?

Do we believe that in our heart?

Do we instill that into the fiber of everything we do?

We cannot sell ourselves short.

Can we go all in?

Can we strive for incremental improvement each day?

What is our ultimate goal?

The answer is up to us.